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We know the value of maintaining good health practices no matter the ages or stages of children in our care. We encourage frequent handwashing, bathroom hygiene and other good personal care habits that promote health and wellness.


No child goes hungry at our center. We understand that small children need nourishment throughout the day, not just at mealtimes, so we provide regularly scheduled, nutritious snacks that set a pattern for making good food choices later.


Appealing and nutritious lunches, including plenty of fruits and vegetables, are served daily to children in our care. We encourage good manners, table talk, and early social etiquette right through lunch.


We’re aware that growing children need time and space to move around during the day. To make sure that your child feels fit, we incorporate exercise, such as simple gym routines, stretches, dance, or yoga, into their time at our center.

Indoors & outdoors

Fresh air will always be on the agenda, as we offer exercise, games, and instruction for children both inside and outside in nature’s natural setting surrounding us.

Come see for yourself

Schedule an appointment to check out our facilities, programs and quality of care. Meet our staff and see what we have to offer your child(ren).

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