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Let your child (or children) benefit from our daycare and learning center. Whether you work full-time, part-time or simply want to drop off children a few days a week for an enriching experience, you’ll love us as much as your kids do. Our flexible daily and weekly schedules fit all types of family routines, so we can easily meet your needs.

Full-Time – Part-Time


If your schedule differs from your child’s school hours, don’t fret. Our professional staff keeps school-aged children safe, sound and engaged in activities before their morning classes and/or after their school day ends. Our fully-trained caretakers provide productive play that’s fun and educational, along with homework help.

Before & After-School


At our center, your tot will get a head start on school-readiness before enrolling in K-12 education. We help build your child’s confidence, life skills, social skills and educational foundation. Without pressure or pushing, your child will be exposed to age-appropriate learning experiences presented by our creative, certified staff.



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